четвъртък, 6 декември 2012 г.

The art needs a bit discipline to be
The art is not just an art emotional expressions and a little basic of knowledge about it , The Art happens when you put a bit discipline and a strong idea into the proces...when you combine...

When I see a classic artwork since 15-th centuries
I see a lot of particulars, useless particulars,
''the world should be more simply, and more clear''... somebody was
thinking, and of course this happend...and probably his thinking was like mine now
I see how I'm puting a local beauty colour and collect the particulars in that one intensive colour, and everything's becoming more clear, more impressive.
the other thing ...
Actually I don't know why, but most of the paintings that I see most of my time now...I see them like a wonderful basics, and nothing else..rarely I have opportunity to view finish, real artwork,..

вторник, 27 ноември 2012 г.

So , here is the life,..but not just a simple life
I just need jazz, and that's all I need.
I already merried with my paintings
A wedding will never happened, just only  jazz and wine, sometimes love

The matter is HOW you do the drawing, it's the same with the jazz, they sing about  ordinary things, but just how they do it.
The point is to recreate this things to turn them as a poetry, and a beauty.

четвъртък, 18 октомври 2012 г.


The warmth of something deadly
caress my lips, breathing slowly
so slowly, so close to me become as cold
and then
I draw you
deeply in your hands
when your eyes fall asleep
When I didn't want to close them
and make them a dream

Submerged deeply in the silence of the beauty

 ...the rain and the sun, together
....melt in the end of the sunset.
I am fascinated, nowhere in 
...in a little noor of Barcelona..
Submerged in a deep love
with every little beauty, where the weather stops, and the birds transform like a song
without history, without burden,
only  with the slight of their white furthers...
I will fly, melting between the sky and the ground,
where my heart used to be...

When the moon is full,
a stranger go out
I can feel the changes,
up to my skin, when the sky is coming to cry,

when the rain is so close to you
when we were noone,when we were all alone
my soul has taken by your smell
deeply, beyond our dimension
Who can blame you, my wizard, my dark wise man
you gat me into a painful essence of  life, you showed me a lot.
Why are you so beautiful?
I'll be  а shadow , I could see you only in the night
don't be afraid my love, just follow me
wherever I am gonna be.



Keep my last breath of the pleasure
nowhere in a corner in the sky
leave my last beat of my present,.
nowhere in a piece of cry,..
and be, be my lovely wizard so far way
from the fraud and from the lie



 When the sky is shining, and the trees are swaying
when the last page become a bird and fly away sharing
that your kiss is like secret praying

вторник, 9 октомври 2012 г.

The birds excite me for long time.
They bring something more then a symbol of a freedom, something worthily and noble then their external full of colors beauty, that makes them special and attractive as a motive for artwork. Finding them as a recent inspiration of my work, I want to impress them through my aesthetic and look, with classical impression means of fine art.
My project is called '' Clustered birds '' 

It is based on long time collecting impressions of the birds.
A lot of art researching of their special view and shapes.
A lot of clustered birds in one place excite me a lot.Contemplating during my walk, I watched a lot of pigeons on the street, when they fly or land all together all similar, most of the time so ordinary for the people around but for me with a big power of impression, then the quiet calm owls, with their mystic demeanor, and strong own character of lines, the flamingos as well, normally they are clustered in one place, they have so typical own view, for me this three kinds of birds are a celebration of a shape, line and colour, a big challenge for the painter.
The proces
The suggestion is built by a clear strong composition, with the rhythm of repetition. Common big masks build every image.
I want to achieve a stylization of the shape, putting the birds in a clustered composition there is a bit of decorative effect, catching the most important typical things of every kind of bird which make the owl to be an owl, the pigeon to be a pigeon, with a clear exact shape. I am interested to use the abilities of the paints, the impression means of the colours, it bases on the experiment with different ways of painting, which I find all the time. The point of my project, is just my impressions that I collected for a long time, an inspiration from the birds, using them as a big motive for work, and development.
The artists of my inspiration.
I am inspired by the art of the past 20th century, the art styles like naivism, primitivism, fovism, cubism, expresionism. I find them closest to my understanding, philosophy and aesthetic about the art and the life around us. Artists from the past like Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Modersohn Becker, Vlaminck attract me. Also I have some favourite contemporary artists like Emil Stoychev, Elaine Pamphilon, Reiken, Gigi Mills.
My research is about the colours, the abilities of the paints, the line and the volume of the shape, the eternal classical topics like still lifes, landscapes and cityscapes, figure compositions. I paint as I live and enjoy, the simple things around us. I'm in love with the antique staffs, which keep a deep history. For me these everyday objects evoke memories of a past existence, a narrative to which I am intuitively drawn and compelled to explore through pencil, paper and paint. They are not dimensional, in any kind of sense. I'm trying all the time to land my painting, from my mind to the ground, to express them on canvass, trying to take out my art look about all things around.

четвъртък, 4 октомври 2012 г.

To visit Spain, in a season, not so far away from the winter and from my home inside

My stay in Barcelona
I am so inspired by the place where I live now.
During my stay here I'll try to express my impressions
by some writing, sketching, and finally painting.
I'll try to reflect, and show some of  that process here, in the blog.

Some words about my art...
My researching are about the colours, the abilities of the paints 
the line and the volume of the shape.
I am interested in the art of the past centuries 19-th, 20-th, the movements like Expressionizm, Cubism, the eternal topics like still lifes, land-cityscapes, figure compositions.
I find them most close to my aestetics, and philosophy about the art and the life around us.
I paint as I live and enjoy, the simple things around us. I'm in love with the antique staffs, which keep a deep history. 
I'm trying all the time to land my painting, from my mind to the ground. 
This happen with the help of the impressions means, which are most of the time, the paints.
I am interested to research the subjects, to express them through myself. They brings with themselves different and unique nature every time, when I experience them. They are not dimensional, in any kind of sense, and the artist is not, for sure!

…Inspired by the place where I lived and enjoyed, collecting a lot of impressions, I show them in a story by a series of canvasses and drawings.

The quiet beauty of the narrow streets, the cozy squares with their deep history, every authentic stone that builds them, every tiny balcony of the clustered old buildings, full of plants and flowers, every place here make me so inspired, and provoke me to answer it, to answer it with my  art. Also the old authentic apartment where I spent most of my time working, I collected a big inspiration. In essence my paintings are a celebration of a shape, color and line of the everyday objects that surrounded me all the time of my stay: the tiny work table full of colorful things, the red chair with the black points, the old dusty shelves full of interesting staff, which someone’s forgotten to order a long time ago, the old authentic coffee machine in a composition with the baguettes, and a lot of other things that made up my mind busy all the time, so excited, ready to recreate them through my sincere look. Basing on the spontaneous way of expression, all of my paintings and drawings took the unique spirit of this incredible place. Submerged deeply in my feelings and memories, I want to save every little corner of this beauty full of the charm of the past

петък, 28 септември 2012 г.


any place is worth nothing if the place isn't shared with somebody

Only the foreigners can see each other with wide open eyes
when they don't know anything about each other
and can't speak in same language...

This is so real so beautiful ...I am already in love with this nescience

About the art.
..... the contemporary conceptual art, I find it so much aggressive.
This art, for me especially is not exactly art, the artists of it search to express the ugly, and the horrible part of the life, with way that for me is very sick and useless burden.
Their philosophy about the art is very useless complicate.
I think that the mission of the art is not to depress you and let you fall down, exactly the opposite.
The art's mission  is to rise up yourself, it has to be like poetry.

I think
The point of the Paint is to exist, to suggests itself , without words and explanations
their sense is to be a Paint and nothing else, just Paint
It is so complicated as the life.

Nikola Slatteri

I would like to dedicate my existence into the painting,
I want to be the painting,
However... Furstly I have to became like the air, and to be everything around us.

to express something from the enturnity,
to feel yourself  in deep revelation
this is so unique for every single artist, for that every enturnal topic is reflected always different

There, where I live. This, which I enjoy and in which I will die

 a  revelation of my existence

Yo penso, vivo i sueno,  …en algún lugar de Barselona

                              En algun lugar de Espanya

вторник, 25 септември 2012 г.

I think that the mission of the art is not to depress you and let you fall down, exactly the opposite.
The art's mission  is to rise up yourself, it has to be like poetry.



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