четвъртък, 6 декември 2012 г.

The art needs a bit discipline to be
The art is not just an art emotional expressions and a little basic of knowledge about it , The Art happens when you put a bit discipline and a strong idea into the proces...when you combine...

When I see a classic artwork since 15-th centuries
I see a lot of particulars, useless particulars,
''the world should be more simply, and more clear''... somebody was
thinking, and of course this happend...and probably his thinking was like mine now
I see how I'm puting a local beauty colour and collect the particulars in that one intensive colour, and everything's becoming more clear, more impressive.
the other thing ...
Actually I don't know why, but most of the paintings that I see most of my time now...I see them like a wonderful basics, and nothing else..rarely I have opportunity to view finish, real artwork,..

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