четвъртък, 18 октомври 2012 г.


The warmth of something deadly
caress my lips, breathing slowly
so slowly, so close to me become as cold
and then
I draw you
deeply in your hands
when your eyes fall asleep
When I didn't want to close them
and make them a dream

Submerged deeply in the silence of the beauty

 ...the rain and the sun, together
....melt in the end of the sunset.
I am fascinated, nowhere in 
...in a little noor of Barcelona..
Submerged in a deep love
with every little beauty, where the weather stops, and the birds transform like a song
without history, without burden,
only  with the slight of their white furthers...
I will fly, melting between the sky and the ground,
where my heart used to be...

When the moon is full,
a stranger go out
I can feel the changes,
up to my skin, when the sky is coming to cry,

when the rain is so close to you
when we were noone,when we were all alone
my soul has taken by your smell
deeply, beyond our dimension
Who can blame you, my wizard, my dark wise man
you gat me into a painful essence of  life, you showed me a lot.
Why are you so beautiful?
I'll be  а shadow , I could see you only in the night
don't be afraid my love, just follow me
wherever I am gonna be.



Keep my last breath of the pleasure
nowhere in a corner in the sky
leave my last beat of my present,.
nowhere in a piece of cry,..
and be, be my lovely wizard so far way
from the fraud and from the lie



 When the sky is shining, and the trees are swaying
when the last page become a bird and fly away sharing
that your kiss is like secret praying

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