вторник, 9 октомври 2012 г.

The birds excite me for long time.
They bring something more then a symbol of a freedom, something worthily and noble then their external full of colors beauty, that makes them special and attractive as a motive for artwork. Finding them as a recent inspiration of my work, I want to impress them through my aesthetic and look, with classical impression means of fine art.
My project is called '' Clustered birds '' 

It is based on long time collecting impressions of the birds.
A lot of art researching of their special view and shapes.
A lot of clustered birds in one place excite me a lot.Contemplating during my walk, I watched a lot of pigeons on the street, when they fly or land all together all similar, most of the time so ordinary for the people around but for me with a big power of impression, then the quiet calm owls, with their mystic demeanor, and strong own character of lines, the flamingos as well, normally they are clustered in one place, they have so typical own view, for me this three kinds of birds are a celebration of a shape, line and colour, a big challenge for the painter.
The proces
The suggestion is built by a clear strong composition, with the rhythm of repetition. Common big masks build every image.
I want to achieve a stylization of the shape, putting the birds in a clustered composition there is a bit of decorative effect, catching the most important typical things of every kind of bird which make the owl to be an owl, the pigeon to be a pigeon, with a clear exact shape. I am interested to use the abilities of the paints, the impression means of the colours, it bases on the experiment with different ways of painting, which I find all the time. The point of my project, is just my impressions that I collected for a long time, an inspiration from the birds, using them as a big motive for work, and development.
The artists of my inspiration.
I am inspired by the art of the past 20th century, the art styles like naivism, primitivism, fovism, cubism, expresionism. I find them closest to my understanding, philosophy and aesthetic about the art and the life around us. Artists from the past like Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Modersohn Becker, Vlaminck attract me. Also I have some favourite contemporary artists like Emil Stoychev, Elaine Pamphilon, Reiken, Gigi Mills.
My research is about the colours, the abilities of the paints, the line and the volume of the shape, the eternal classical topics like still lifes, landscapes and cityscapes, figure compositions. I paint as I live and enjoy, the simple things around us. I'm in love with the antique staffs, which keep a deep history. For me these everyday objects evoke memories of a past existence, a narrative to which I am intuitively drawn and compelled to explore through pencil, paper and paint. They are not dimensional, in any kind of sense. I'm trying all the time to land my painting, from my mind to the ground, to express them on canvass, trying to take out my art look about all things around.

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