четвъртък, 4 октомври 2012 г.

To visit Spain, in a season, not so far away from the winter and from my home inside

My stay in Barcelona
I am so inspired by the place where I live now.
During my stay here I'll try to express my impressions
by some writing, sketching, and finally painting.
I'll try to reflect, and show some of  that process here, in the blog.

Some words about my art...
My researching are about the colours, the abilities of the paints 
the line and the volume of the shape.
I am interested in the art of the past centuries 19-th, 20-th, the movements like Expressionizm, Cubism, the eternal topics like still lifes, land-cityscapes, figure compositions.
I find them most close to my aestetics, and philosophy about the art and the life around us.
I paint as I live and enjoy, the simple things around us. I'm in love with the antique staffs, which keep a deep history. 
I'm trying all the time to land my painting, from my mind to the ground. 
This happen with the help of the impressions means, which are most of the time, the paints.
I am interested to research the subjects, to express them through myself. They brings with themselves different and unique nature every time, when I experience them. They are not dimensional, in any kind of sense, and the artist is not, for sure!

…Inspired by the place where I lived and enjoyed, collecting a lot of impressions, I show them in a story by a series of canvasses and drawings.

The quiet beauty of the narrow streets, the cozy squares with their deep history, every authentic stone that builds them, every tiny balcony of the clustered old buildings, full of plants and flowers, every place here make me so inspired, and provoke me to answer it, to answer it with my  art. Also the old authentic apartment where I spent most of my time working, I collected a big inspiration. In essence my paintings are a celebration of a shape, color and line of the everyday objects that surrounded me all the time of my stay: the tiny work table full of colorful things, the red chair with the black points, the old dusty shelves full of interesting staff, which someone’s forgotten to order a long time ago, the old authentic coffee machine in a composition with the baguettes, and a lot of other things that made up my mind busy all the time, so excited, ready to recreate them through my sincere look. Basing on the spontaneous way of expression, all of my paintings and drawings took the unique spirit of this incredible place. Submerged deeply in my feelings and memories, I want to save every little corner of this beauty full of the charm of the past

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